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2012.06.21 08:57 Zeld4 R4R Just for HTX!

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2023.06.03 20:12 TheCat1219 Houston, TX, in backyard near pumpkin patch.

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2023.06.03 20:07 extra_1584 Egg☢️IRL

I was watching dr sherman short and found this scp. It's pretty cool
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2023.06.03 20:04 manwesu [US-TX] [H] Drop LOTR base kit + extras kit, keycaps [W] PayPal

Bought it when it dropped ~1 1/2 years ago, never opened until took these pictures. Price: $ 130+ shipping, PayPal. If located in Houston, Texas, we can meet and transact personally too.
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2023.06.03 20:03 SomewhereNo9758 Why?

So, my game keeps doing this.. I’m wondering if any devs can fix it cause this is getting annoying.
In my game, my Fiancé just came out as transgender female. So I supported her unconditionally, of course ❤️ but then because I’m a royal/king, she still had the princes crown. I feel that she should have a princesses crown.
Also when a transgender person dies, the game says ‘father’ when she was transgender female and vice versa.
I feel that it’s honestly rude of the game to be misgendering my characters.
Please understand this in my opinion isn’t actually that mean. But I just think they should fix it.
As a transgender male, I think that if ur gonna add trans people, to at least give the royals some slack 🫤
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2023.06.03 20:02 madeinthe80z Struggling with school over 504

Struggling with school over 504
Hi guys,
I’m looking for support from other people, as I’m struggling to navigate the end of the year madness. I have a son who’s 8 years old, he was diagnosed May of 2022 with ADHD/ODD his behaviors are disrupting, name calling “meany”, moving chairs, acting out for attention/and being disrespectful. These behaviors peeked around 4 and steadily ramped up over the years, in November I decided to pursue medication as the negative self talk and overall overwhelming communication with the school prompted me to stop natural remedies are look for more solutions for his sake.
He was given 18mg methylphenidate in November and literally from the first dose was a completely different kid. He was able to take accountability for his actions, I watched him play alone for the first time possibly ever, he was using his imagination, he wasn’t angry or saying he’s stupid anymore. He graduated reading group, behavior group, it was a complete transformation. The whole (04 team was so proud of his progress. The best thing about it was how proud he was of himself - I remember the first meeting to talk about his successes and the teacher and I cried together because it was such a huge and significant change.
And while they told me or tried to pursued me he didn’t really need a 504 I still pushed for it still and in March I was glad I did. The medication he was on was back ordered we waited three weeks, with an increase in less favorable behaviors his love from school went away completely they were trying to hold him accountable for the progress he had shown but while not medicated. A true power struggle and I was back to getting phone calls. They were taking away recess, trying to keep him in the classroom when he asked for breaks, finally I broke down and asked for a different dose as the one he was on never came in. He was given 20mg, it had little to no effect, we tried that for two weeks then he was given 27mg, and while we have some successful days the school has him working for breaks as a reward and he is seemingly frustrated and acting out. He loses recess consistently, and one teacher this week grabbed his arm to escort him to his class because he couldn’t decide if he needed a break or not. He feels awful, he tells me he’s stupid.. the principle asks if he’s taken his medication, he feels picked on and he hates school now.
His teacher and I text and I’ve been nothing but supportive, communicative and advocate on behalf of my son throughout the whole process - but today I was sent a text that said this… my question is. Am I overreacting?? I find it incredibly hurtful that he or any other student would be excluded especially when we teach so much about inclusion. But 504 exclusion poses legal issues. I’m confused how this is okay. We also just came out of a global pandemic, 4 days absence? I understand about funding, but this feels harsh at a public elementary school. Also, they’ve been telling him every day is a new day, a fresh start but this is seemingly erases all of that. Excluding him or any other child from recess for behavior relating to ADHD arguably, is a form of discrimination — they are being punished for a disability.
I’m trying to decide if I’m a mess, or if I should be upset? I’ve been in tears all day - just tired and frustrated and could use some support - trying to decide if I’m going in to ask questions Monday.
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2023.06.03 20:02 DragonflyOk5312 The Minnesota Twins currently have three of the ten best pitchers in the American League by bWAR

Sonny Gray leads American League pitchers with a 2.6 bWAR, which good for fifth overall in the American League, and tied for ninth overall in Major League Baseball. He only trails Marcus Stroman (2.8) in bWAR amongst pitchers throughout Major League Baseball. He has a great chance at his third All-Star, and more importantly, the American League Cy Young.
Joe Ryan is eighth amongst AL pitchers (2.0). He was at around 2.3-2.4 before the Houston start but if Joe keeps up his great start, he’ll be an All-Star and hopefully receive some Cy Young votes.
Bailey Ober is ninth amongst AL pitchers (1.9). After starting the season in St. Paul, his potential breakout season has been incredibly helpful for the Twins due to injuries to Kenta Maeda and Tyler Mahle.
In conclusion, the Twins have one of the best rotations in Major League Baseball and if the offense gets it together, they could win their first playoff game since John Kerry was a presidential candidate.
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2023.06.03 19:56 My_Own_Bi_lyfe A Trinitarian and UUism

I’m bisexual and genderqueer using They/them pronouns ———————————— Hello I just wanted to introduce myself to the group. Though my congregation is Christian (it’s a UUA/UCC community in Orleans, MA) and emphasizes UU values, my beliefs are still unequivocally Trinitarian and more traditional but I’m more than happy to attend worship at a UUA congregation if that’s what God is calling me to do. Officially, I’m a member of Cathedral of Hope in Houston and haven’t looked back. Each week, I worship with them and an Episcopal Church in Philadelphia (virtually of course) . Both churches have made me a better person and have shown that no matter what, we’re all God’s children. Thank you for having me and I look forward to engaging in thoughtful and respectful conversations with you! I don’t currently drive so physically attending any church is difficult.
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2023.06.03 19:55 Affectionate_Net7799 Scam update

Its quite a long story. Yesterday I received a death threat through a random phone number they asked me to pay them 1500 but I told them I didnt have money. They said the lowest was 800. This happened because of an escort thing. Later on someone trying to help said that the group was legit and that he would help me. He said he would pay half for his friend to remove my info from a cycle but I would have to pay half as well in form of giftcard. I dont know what to do im scared that this group can be real. This escort boss or something .
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2023.06.03 19:53 Cricket2495 Communal living is on the rise in Houston as coliving residents embrace flexible, cheaper leases

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2023.06.03 19:51 Top_Wait2894 Does anyone know of any opportunities for HS tubas in Houston to get better?

I want to aim for a chair in the all state band next year as a sophomore, but need to find lessons or band camps to improve on my own time. Any ideas?
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2023.06.03 19:48 London-Roma-1980 NON-CONFERENCE FINAL MATCHDAY (12) RESULTS

Everyone's ready to get to the conference season. It's entirely possible some people were overlooking the final non-conference game. Would focus be a problem? Who would get through with the momentum? And would the games played today matter when the Selection Committee gathered? Let's find out.
#1 UCLA 87, #25 Illinois 74. It's been a long road through a lot of difficult teams, but UCLA did what they set out to do: repeat a 12-0 start.
Bill Walton had 20 points, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was two blocks shy of a triple-double, and the Bruins (12-0) took out the Illini (9-3) to run their winning streak to 49 and finish non-conference's play undefeated for the second consecutive year.
"We look at every game as important," Bruins coach John Wooden said after the game. "We're not about to slack off, and we're not about to take our focus down at all. Illinois is just as important as Kentucky to us."
For a while, the Illini road the hot hand of Derek Harper to stay with their foes. Harper had 14 points by halftime as the teams entered the locker room deadlocked at 43. However, Reggie Miller's defense kept Harper out of the scoring column in the second half and provided the difference.
"It's a 40-minute game, and I wasn't there for 40 minutes," Harper said.
#3 Kentucky 67, #8 Michigan 58. If UCLA is the undisputed #1, could Kentucky be the undisputed #2? Voters can be weird, but we'll see.
Cliff Hagan led all scorers with 15 points as the Wildcats (11-1) ended their non-conference schedule in style with a win over the Wolverines (9-3), who had been hoping for their second Super Five scalp of the season.
"I think this shows we still have room for improvement," Michigan coach John Beilein said after the game. "We need to make some adjustments before Big Ten play, but I think we can find them and do something with them."
Kentucky's starters, other than Hagan, struggled during the game. Dan Issel was held by Chris Webber to a mere 5 points on the night. But the Blue Line -- Kentucky's "second starters" as coach Adolph Rupp calls them -- came through in the clutch, as Jamal Mashburn had 12 points to spur an 11-3 run that put Kentucky up for good.
"It's a good luxury to have 10 starters," Rupp joked.
#4 Duke 72, #15 Southern Cal 68. In the NIBL postseason, you survive and advance. Duke is getting ready for that mentality early.
Elton Brand's 16 points and 11 rebounds led the way as the Blue Devils (10-2) held off the Trojans (9-3), who finished non-conference play 0-3 against the Super Five and 9-0 against everyone else.
"What that tells me is that we can be a 2 or 3 seed, and that the Sweet Sixteen is good, but it also says we have work to do to compete for the big prize," coach Sam Barry said when asked about the unusual split. "We'll have time to work on our game, we'll face UCLA a couple times... I hope we can improve over the course of the season."
Duke, meanwhile, enters ACC play with two close wins after a loss to Michigan. Coach Mike Krzyzewski isn't worried, though. "We'll be ready," he said to reporters. "We've played tough teams, and we're a tough team."
DeMar DeRozan led the Trojans with 15 points.
#5 Kansas 77, #9 Notre Dame 65. Notre Dame had been overachieving throughout the non-conference season. It had to come to an end with a reality check.
Paul Pierce took over in the second half, getting a personal 8-0 run as part of his 24 point outburst as the Jayhawks (10-2) knocked off the Fighting Irish (9-3) to enter Big XII play with momentum.
With the score tied at 55, Pierce hit a three-point jumper to give Kansas the lead. A steal by JoJo White followed, and White fed Pierce for a dunk to extend the lead to five. After an Adrian Dantley miss, Pierce drove the lane and got the layup plus a foul on Bill Laimbeer, completing the three-point play to give Kansas a lead they wouldn't give back.
"It's like my man [Kevin Garnett] says, anything is possible. We feel we can win it all, man," Pierce said after the game. "If Wilt [Chamberlain] is having a bad day, I can step up, Joel [Embiid] can step up, JoJo [White] can step up... we got options!"
Austin Carr led the Irish with 15 points.
#16 Maryland 71, #17 DePaul 66. George Mikan was rested and ready to go. Unfortunately, so was Len Bias.
Bias scored 22 points to lead all scorers and outduel Mikan (20 points) as the Terrapins (9-3) defeated the Blue Demons (8-4) in the final non-conference game for both teams.
"Len is our spark plug," coach Gary Williams said after the game. "When he gets an open floor, he's hard to beat. We're glad to have him on our team."
Mikan, who played sparingly in the previous game against Rhode Island, was a monster underneath in the halfcourt set. He went 9-13 from the field (2-2 from the line) and added 14 rebounds and 5 blocks. However, Bias was able to get around Mikan on multiple occasions for dunks, and sixth man John Lucas II made a critical three to provide the final score.
"They're good," Mikan admitted. "We're going to take these lessons and prep for the Big East."
#14 Arizona 90, #7 Syracuse 53. When the week began, Syracuse was 8-1 and looked like they could compete with the two Super Five teams in the ACC. Now, questions abound.
Jason Terry and Richard Jefferson each had 25 points as the Wildcats (9-3) sent the Orange (8-4) to their third straight defeat, all against Top 25 competition -- and all against the Pac-12.
"We're not taking anyone lightly," coach Jim Boeheim insisted. "The Pac-12 is a powerful conference. We just had a bad week. We're going to be drilling extra hard in practice to prepare for the ACC season."
Syracuse used their usual 2-3 zone, which discourages going inside and dares three-point shooters to hit their shots. But Terry and Jefferson did that, leading a barrage (with help from Mike Bibby and Steve Kerr) of 15-27 shooting from long-range.
"We just didn't miss," Jefferson said, amused. "We were all dialed in. Heat checks were going in. Everything worked."
Louisville 72, #22 Florida 59. It looks like Florida's stay in the Top 25 won't be repeated.
Donovan Mitchell had 19 points and 6 assists as the Cardinals (9-3) upset the Gators (8-4) to make a statement about their place in the ACC pecking order... and perhaps the Top 25 itself.
"Oh, we definitely belong," Mitchell said when asked. "You look at how we started the year, you look at who we beat; we deserve the recognition that teams like Duke and [North] Carolina do. ACC ain't all about Tobacco Road."
Gators coach Billy Donovan was disappointed in his team's effort. "We're capable of playing better, especially when we get the looks we got today," he said. "You can't do that against teams like Kentucky and Tennessee and expect to get away with it."
Bradley Beal led the Gators with 14 points.
Houston 80, #23 Iowa 67. Rumors of Houston's demise appear to be exaggerated. Iowa, meanwhile, may not be as strong as they looked.
Hakeem Olajuwon went for 21 points, 14 rebounds, 4 blocks, and 4 steals as the Cougars (9-3) jumped out to a 20-point lead by halftime and held on to beat the Hawkeyes (8-4) in the final non-conference game for both teams.
"Now that's more like it," coach Guy Lewis said of Olajuwon's performance. "We're a dangerous team when we click on all cylinders, and Hakeem is a big cylinder. We look ready for Big XII play now."
"We dug ourselves too deep of a hole," Hawkeye forward Connie Hawkins said after the game. "We need to start better and we need to finish better."
California 83, #20 Minnesota 75. The Pac-12 hopes to get more than three bids this season. If it's going to happen, teams like California have to step up the way they did today.
Jason Kidd had 17 points and Shareef Abdur-Rahim had 11 with 6 blocks as the Golden Bears (9-3) took out the Golden Gophers (8-4) in a battle of "golden" teams in the Big 10-Pac 12 rivalry.
"I love how Jason plays," Bears coach Pete Newell said after the game. "But I'm really proud of the progress Shareef has made. Today he dominated the paint on defense, and that's how we were able to get the W."
With Cal up 4 and a minute to go, Abdur-Rahim blocked a Mychal Thompson layup attempt. The scramble went to Archie Clark, who found Kevin McHale underneath. However, Abdur-Rahim blocked the dunk attempt, and Kevin Johnson ran the ball out to get fouled and begin the march to the free throw line.
"Everyone had a good game, and we had a good game," Johnson said.
#24 UNLV 70, Princeton 66. In the mid-major non-conference game of the season, it was thought that Princeton's best chance was to keep UNLV from making it a full-court game. Add some three-pointers, and they could steal a win.
That's almost what happened. But talent won out in the end.
Shawn Marion led all scorers with 17 points as the Runnin' Rebels (8-4) held off the Tigers (7-5) in a game between two of the top mid-majors in the country.
"You gotta give them a ton of credit," coach Jerry Tarkanian said after the game. "Princeton is a team that doesn't lose easily. They're going to be a tough out down the line if, no, when they make the Dance."
With both teams trying to play at their more comfortable pace -- Princeton's average possession was about nine seconds longer than UNLV's -- it was play underneath that kept the Tigers alive. Bill Bradley and John Hummer each had 17 points as Sidney Green was unable to keep up defensively. But in the final seconds, Larry Johnson and Armen Gilliam denied inbound passes, forcing Brian Taylor to put up a three-pointer. It missed, and Reggie Theus' two free throws made the final score.
"So close and yet so far," Bradley told reporters.
  1. UCLA 87, 25. Illinois 74
  2. North Carolina 95, Arkansas 64
  3. Kentucky 67, 8. Michigan 58
  4. Duke 72, 15. Southern Cal 68
  5. Kansas 77, 9. Notre Dame 65
  6. Michigan State 108, Saint Louis 58
  7. Syracuse 53, 14. Arizona 90
  8. Michigan 58, 3. Kentucky 67
  9. Notre Dame 65, 5. Kansas 77
  10. Indiana 82, N.C. State 70
  11. Ohio State 72, Arizona State 58
  12. Connecticut 80, Tennessee 64
  13. Texas 75, Saint John's 74, OT
  14. Arizona 90, 7. Syracuse 53
  15. Southern Cal 68, 4. Duke 72
  16. Maryland 71, 17. DePaul 66
  17. DePaul 66, 16. Maryland 71
  18. LSU 80, West Virginia 71
  19. Georgetown 94, Tulsa 69
  20. Minnesota 75, California 83
  21. Alabama 69, Washington 68, OT
  22. Florida 59, Louisville 72
  23. Iowa 67, Houston 80
  24. UNLV 70, Princeton 66
  25. Illinois 74, 1. UCLA 87
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2023.06.03 19:47 TVloverCam Lineup on 6/3 vs. Houston. Ohtani leading off again. Neto off day due to HBP. Soto at SS. Rengifo at 3B. Angels optioned Silseth and called up Jose Soriano who had a 4.24 ERA with 31 Ks and 16 BBs in 23 1/3 innings at Double-A Rocket City.

Lineup on 6/3 vs. Houston. Ohtani leading off again. Neto off day due to HBP. Soto at SS. Rengifo at 3B. Angels optioned Silseth and called up Jose Soriano who had a 4.24 ERA with 31 Ks and 16 BBs in 23 1/3 innings at Double-A Rocket City. submitted by TVloverCam to angelsbaseball [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 19:45 Spiritual_Shallot890 The universal "They/their/them" is asinine.

I don't know the gender of the stranger I'm referring to, and I wouldn't want to misgender him (heavens no!), so why don't I just refer to him with the pronouns he's least likely to use?
And don't try telling me we've agreed it refers to everyone, regardless of pronouns. We tried that with the universal he, and the feminists were not amused. Except that was at least correct for half of us. This excludes almost the entire population: you will almost never be correct assuming someone is a they, especially someone who looks clearly masculine or feminine. We have taken 100 steps back, in terms of the inclusivity of our language with this new measure.
In 2022, 0.5% of American adults and 1.4% of US minor teens were trans, and of those, many dress, speak, get bodily modifications, cut their hair, etc. with the pronouns with which they'd like to be addressed. Even those who use they/them pronouns also tend to additionally use he/she.
I think that we, as a society, would be far better off just taking a guess and correcting if we're wrong. Because we'll almost always be right, and I'm tired of walking on eggshells. It's just getting ridiculous.
Could we please stop misgendering everybody for the sake of the slight minority that exclusively uses they/them?
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2023.06.03 19:42 alizayroy Meet Our Stunning Escorts in Lahore

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2023.06.03 19:37 L8r-h8rs How do I approach and flirt with a bar bouncer?

So for the last two weekends I’ve gone to the bar with my girl friend because it’s the only place where we can dance (primarily me) and express ourselves in this remote western town. I’ve noticed the bouncers/coolers who work the venue both times and I find one very attractive. I don’t know his name or anything about him, but I would certainly like to get to know him and see if we hit it off. The only problem is, myself. I’m very introverted by nature, I’m a transgender woman, I have very limited confidence and I’m 20. Although I’ve been told I’m beautiful intimidating and pretty many times I literally don’t have the balls to be outgoing and flirtatious with attractive men. Mostly because I’m apprehensive about my voice pitch and the music in the bar is so loud even my friend has trouble hearing me. The other part is I’m technically not allowed to be in the bar and I don’t want to get thrown out if I give the wrong impression. I feel like I’ve been cursed with modesty, exotic looks, and low self esteem. All of which and then some holds me back from biting the bullet and talking to the bouncer or men in general. Anyway last night I noticed him looking at me a few times (maybe because I was looking at him idk) and I had seen him patrolling alone before the bar got too busy. I really wanted to build up the nerve to go up to him and talk but I missed the opportunity because I let my insecurities hold me back and I didn’t know what to say. Ugh... I’m desperate to make a move tonight assuming he’ll be working. So here I’am to ask does anyone have any tips or advice that I can try to put myself out there and hopefully start a flirty conversation with a bouncer?
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2023.06.03 19:35 Khaleeasi24 TIL Ernest Hemingway had a transgender daughter. Gloria Hemingway (born Gregory Hancock Hemingway) was an American physician and writer. Although she lived most of her life publicly as a man, she struggled with her gender identity from a young age, and in her sixties underwent surgery to transition

TIL Ernest Hemingway had a transgender daughter. Gloria Hemingway (born Gregory Hancock Hemingway) was an American physician and writer. Although she lived most of her life publicly as a man, she struggled with her gender identity from a young age, and in her sixties underwent surgery to transition submitted by Khaleeasi24 to todayilearned [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 19:34 CattiestCatOfAllTime NOT TRANSGENDER: In a catholic theocracy, pedophilia would be legal and rampant

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2023.06.03 19:33 archerjenn Why is the UH Admissions Department Such a Nightmare?

I have encountered many issues in my attempt to become a Coog and would greatly appreciate any help or advice anyone could give me.
I graduated from Penn State in 2001 and recently decided to return to school to obtain a law degree. I applied to UH on April 27, and UH admissions received my transcript from Penn State on April 28. I called UH multiple times to determine why my Parchment account showed delivery, but the UH system did not show the document as received. The admission representative suggested I email admissions the Parchment confirmation so they could investigate this issue, which I did immediately (May 15). I later received an unrelated email (May 19) informing me that UH had not received my transcript. I replied to the email immediately and called the admissions department (May 22) to determine how to get my transcript into the system. I didn't receive a response to my initial email (May 15) until two weeks later (May 26). On the May 22nd call, I finally learned that the problem was that my transcript was in my maiden name, while I had initially applied to UH with my married name. When the transcript was received, the UH admissions system created a second UH account under my maiden name, even though I had listed my maiden name on my application. The admissions officers informed me they would need to initiate an account merge to solve the problem. I asked if there was anything I could do to help with the process, and I was told to wait for the merge process to complete. On May 27th, I called to follow up on the merge status. Unfortunately, the merge was not initiated on the 22nd. The admissions representative I spoke to that day (May 27) finally initiated the request. I was told the merge would take 10 to 14 business days and that an admissions decision would follow 4 to 6 weeks later. The last admissions officer I spoke to suggest I give up on attending UH in the fall... the timeline wasn't in my favor. I expressed my desire to transfer class credits from my PSU career to UH before the start of the fall semester, assuming I receive an admissions decision. She connected me with a transfer counselor who reviewed my transcript. The counselor informed me that very few credits would transfer because my degree is from an out-of-state university. She suggested I attend HCC, which has a more liberal policy for accepting out-of-state credits. After completing the "Texas Core" at HCC, my credits would then be able to transfer to the University of Houston. This stance confuses and frustrates me as Penn State is, obviously, an accredited and prestigious institution. I have completed more than enough classes to satisfy the "Texas Core" requirements. Why make me go through the trouble of attending another university to get my credits to transfer? After over a month of dealing with unhelpful and often rude individuals at the UH admissions office, I am still seemingly no closer to getting a decision on admission to UH. At this point, I'm considering giving up and attending another university in the Houston Metro Area.
I would appreciate any suggestions on cutting through the red tape and dealing with transferring out-of-state credits.
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2023.06.03 19:29 tellmeguru Funeral processions running red lights

Never encountered this before but almost got run over by a funeral procession this afternoon. I crossed with the light and didn't realize they were all about to go through the red with no intention of stopping. Couldn't catch the funeral home name.
Is this a normal thing in Peterborough? Because this is illegal under the Highway Traffic Act, unless police escorts are involved.
I understand how devastating it is to lose a loved one, but please don't put others at risk. Especially as little kids are out and about during the good weather.
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2023.06.03 19:27 Here4Besitos European AP Experience

TLDR: flying there was a piece of cake, flying out of Poland was a nightmare, Gdańsk airport is awful with AP, Copenhagen is beyond amazing, O’Hare airport is a complete cluster $&@$, but the “cuartito” is 60 seconds with absolutely no questions which was awesome.
I wanted to share what it was like traveling with advanced parole to Europe. There’s a ton of information on this sub about advanced parole, but I didn’t really see too much around Europe so I wanted to share just in case anyone is in the same situation as I am.
Little background: my mom brought me to the states from Poland, Europe when I was 6 and I didn’t even know I was undocumented until I was 16 and tried to get a license.
My grandmother is 87 and has been spending more and more time in the hospital. She called us saying that she doesn’t think that she has very much time left so I looked into getting emergency advanced parole. I live in dallas Texas so there is a uscis office very close to me.
I called infopass on Monday to get an emergency appointment. They told me they would call within 48 hours to schedule my appointment. They called me an hour later and scheduled my appointment for Wednesday. I arrived with the application and all my paperwork birth certificates etc and after 3 hours I got approved for a month. I bought my ticket to Poland for Monday for a week.
I was flying Dallas - Chicago - Copenhagen - Gdańsk Poland
Since I have a European passport it was really the easiest thing in the world getting to Poland. I got to the dfw airport and checked in with my passport. Got my boarding pass and bags checked. In Chicago I used my same boarding pass and not a single question was asked. When I got to Copenhagen for my layover I went through the EU line and just showed my passport and was good to go. I got to see Copenhagen during my 10 hour layover and it was the most amazing experience of my life. Europe is so so beautiful. Flying to Poland was just as easy.
Finally I was back home for the first time in 20 years. I got to see my grandmother, and met my aunt for the first time ever. It was such an amazing experience and I’m so thankful that I got the chance to do it.
Now here is where things went south
Gdańsk airport is relatively small and I guess there’s not too much knowledge about advanced parole there. My flight back was Gdańsk- Copenhagen - Chicago - Dallas
I arrived at 4 am for my 7am flight. One whole hour was waiting in line to check my bag and get my boarding pass. Once it was finally my turn the agent kept asking for my ESTA which is like a visa to go to the states. I was explaining that I don’t qualify for that and am traveling with my AP. I gave her the paper (that said transportation) and after going over it with 3 different people she understood what it was. However their computer system wouldn’t accept it. I started getting really scared because I was there for almost an hour and my flight was leaving soon. They told me that I would not be able to fly back to the United States but that I could still go to Copenhagen. I said no problem and she printed my ticket and I was the last one on the plane with a couple minutes to spare
As soon as I landed in Copenhagen the first thing I did was go to my airlines help desk and explained to them my situation. They said “oh you have advanced parole” got some verification over the phone and printed my boarding pass stamped “checked USA” and I was good to go. I was so relieved.
I boarded my flight to Chicago and arrived 9 hours later. I had a 4 hour layover which I thought would be enough. Absolutely wrong. We arrived an hour late because of a maintenance issue which I thought would be okay. It took 30 more minutes to get off the plane. I had 2 and a half hours to get through immigration and onto my flight for Dallas. Well that didn’t happen. The line for non us citizens was about two and a half hours. When it was my turn I showed them my AP and they let me know that I would have to go to secondary inspection. I got escorted to the room and sat down. There were maybe 20-30 people there. Maybe 60 seconds later they called my name so I stood up, they handed me my passport and documents and said welcome back. That was it. Literally 60 seconds and not a single question or anything.
I missed my flight to Dallas but they rebooked me and I was home the next day
Overall I would definitely do it again. However, if possible try sticking with only big major airports and if you’re able to avoid layovers do it. If you have to have a layover try making it as long as possible because sometimes even 4 hours isn’t enough.
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